Based in Burleigh Heads, TLC Hygiene Matters has been delivering cutting-edge commercial cleaning, trade, and building maintenance services since 2013.

TLC Hygiene Matters


Tom Rotumah

Managing Director

Tom, a proud Indigenous man from the Bundjalung Nation, has dedicated his life to serving his community. As a long-serving member of the local Aboriginal land council, he is a passionate advocate for Aboriginal education and skills training. Tom is also committed to serving as a role model for Indigenous business leaders, believing that creating job opportunities and developing effective pathways to ongoing sustainable employment is essential for community success.

Tom recognises that educating people on the importance of good hygiene is still a significant challenge, especially in times of deadly viruses and nasty germs. His influence and leadership can inspire our young Indigenous people to make a difference and combat this issue.

Our Vision

“Good Hygiene is Everyone’s Right”

Shane Richards

Chief Financial Officer

With an extensive career in senior management roles, Shane brings a wealth of experience to TLC. His expertise lies in developing innovative products and sales and marketing strategies. As a key team member, Shane supports Tom in delivering our company’s vision by ensuring that our products are 100% safe and effective. He also manages our company’s communication strategy for our team and our valued customers.

Our Mission

To provide all our clients with a hygienically clean and safe environment that is free of germs and viruses.

Mark Richards

Chief Operating Officer

With over 30 years of experience in senior management roles, Mark brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. He takes pride in developing strong teams with a focus on sanitation and fresh food handling, where good hygiene is always a top priority. Mark’s unwavering passion for creating germ-free environments without toxic chemicals makes him an excellent leader for our team. His dedication makes a significant impact on our customers’ facilities and their health.


We are committed to achieving our mission and vision by embracing our core values. Our values include cultural awareness, planet-friendly work practices, education and knowledge, integrity with strong leadership, localised employment to strengthen communities, and continuous improvement through quality training and mentoring.

the artist

Scott Rotumah

Scott Rotumah, a proud Indigenous man from the Bundjalung Nation, draws inspiration from his love for the ocean, local surroundings, family, and four beautiful children to create stunning contemporary artwork. With over 18 years of experience as an artist, Scott brings a fresh perspective to traditional dot painting techniques. He designed the artwork for our TLC. HYGIENE MATTERS branding and logo, featuring Pelo, the green tree frog, as a tribute to his connection with nature.