At TLC. HYGIENE MATTERS, we prioritise environmental policy as a core management belief that distinguishes us from other service providers. Our responsibility is to reduce our impact on the planet through sustainable business practices.

We are committed to protecting the environment and mitigating any negative effects our products or services may have on the local areas in which we operate. By setting objectives and targets, we continuously identify areas for improvement and prevent potential environmental impacts or pollution.


TLC. HYGIENE MATTERS environmental policy is a management belief that sets us apart from other service provider companies; we believe it is our responsibility to ensure we reduce the impact on the planet by implementing sustainable business practices.

TLC. HYGIENE MATTERS is committed to environmental protection and how our products or services may affect the environment in the local areas where we do business. We identify ways to improve, set objectives and targets and prevent any potential impacts or pollution our products or services may have on the environment.

It is TLC. HYGIENE MATTERS policy to:

  • Ensure that our team has the knowledge, equipment, and products to meet our objectives and deliver our commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • Ensure we use safe efficient work practices and identify, monitor, and control the impact of our everyday business.
  • Ensure we use energy-efficient equipment.
  • Ensure we minimise the use of natural resources by using recycled water where practical to do so.
  • Ensure tight control on waste to prevent pollution.
  • Ensure our operations, products and services comply with the Australian Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, in addition to meeting the requirements set down in ISO 14001:2015, industry best practice codes relevant to our business.
  • Ensure the people and business’s we deal with are aware of our Environmental Policy.
  • Ensure we communicate with government authorities and business owners to encourage business growth through our business products or services.

TLC. HYGIENE MATTERS has set objectives and targets in our Environmental Management System for the Reduction in Water Usage, Energy, Chemicals, Transport and Waste Minimisation.

We will monitor and evaluate our Company’s performance in relation to the objectives and targets we have set to identify areas for the improvement. We will implement any changes identified to continually improve our performance, the conservation of our resources and the prevention of pollution.

We thank our employees, our suppliers, and our subcontractors for their cooperation in this endeavour.

Tom Rotumah

Managing Director


Date: January 2022

Review date: January 2024

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Tom Rotumah

Company Director & MD
Tom is a proud Indigenous man growing up in the Bundjalung Nation; and is a long serving member of the local Aboriginal land council, he is a strong advocate for Aboriginal education, skills training, and serves as a business role model, Tom is passionate about creating job opportunities and developing effective pathways into ongoing sustainable employment. 

Tom maintains a strong connection to country, community and culture and knows with his influence he can inspire our young Indigenous people and make a difference to their self – esteem and self – belief to achieve their goals, securing their future careers within the communities they live in.

Shane Richards

Company Director & CEO

Shane brings an extensive career in senior management roles to TLC. HYGIENE MATTERS, specialising in sales and marketing and product development, he co-founded “Get it Done Services” in 2013 a company that quickly became a trusted business partner to some of the country’s biggest blue-chip companies.

In 2017, Shane co-founded TLC Commercial a company that supplies a range of plant-derived safe cleaning products across the country. Shane believes that our communities still face the challenges of how to educate people on the importance of good hygiene, in times of deadly viruses and nasty germs it is clear something needs to be done.

Mark Richards

Company Director
Mark has held senior management roles for past 30 years and takes pride in developing his team into industry leaders and highly effective executives. Mark has an extensive background in fresh food handling and sanitation working with Australia’s largest retailers introducing hygiene manuals and standard operating procedures for fresh food departments.

Mark’s passion for good hygiene and an environment free of germs and toxic chemicals has led to his desire to work in the hygiene industry and make a difference to people’s health.

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To deliver a hygienically clean, safe environment free of germs and viruses for all our clients